NOTE: Greenbike does not be rent bikes anymore. We will focus more on service and Brompton folding bikes.

Biking in Helsinki is very easy for a tourist since we have an excellent bike lane network. There are separate bike lanes on all main routes, along the coastline and in all recreational parks. To see what we mean, try Helsinki bike route planner

- Helsinki bike routes in
"Helsinki by bike" - Video made by Erica&James.

It is possible to take a bike to local trains and Helsinki subway without extra cost outside rush hours.
-5-day weather forecast for Helsinki
-Bike touring routes in Finland (Visit Finland) Routes available in Google Maps.
-Bike-Boat daytrip to Porvoo
-Bike maps of Finland sold at Akateeminen book shop among others.

Tips where we like to eat or have a break in Helsinki:
-Blue Peter - an excellent lunch restaurant in Lauttasaari boat marina.
-Cafe Regatta - one of the most popular cafes in Helsinki. Unique seaside location, great snacks, coffee and service. Very busy during peak hours.
Note: Cafe Regatta also offers cayak, SUP, canoe and rowingboat rental. Reservations etc.: check Cafe Regatta in Facebook

Best viewpoints in Helsinki:
-Lauttasaari bird tower (Myllykallio) - (Click here for map)
-Malminkartanonhuippu- Topography in Helsinki is quite flat. This hill is artificially built and it's the highest point in Helsinki area. Map. Video.
-Torni hotel (Tower)- Elevator+small staircase to Ateljee bar on the top floor. Unforgettable view over Helsinki at night.